Did you know?

22nd February 2012

Genesis released their first single ‘The Silent Sun’ in February 1968

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Happy Birthday

13th February 2012

It’s Peter Gabriel’s birthday today….Happy Birthday Peter!!!!

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New tracks

8th February 2012

We have now added 2 more tracks to our set list. Camel’s The Snow Goose & The Flight of The Snow Goose. Nearly done the whole album now:)

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YES Recruit New Singer

6th February 2012

Prog rock band YES were forced to cancel the last 3 shows of their European Tour in December due to the illness of lead vocalist Benoit David who has still not recovered. To avoid disappointing their fans on the forthcoming Australasian leg of their world tour, they have found a replacement singer. Jon Davison will… [Read More]

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Gabriel on Supper’s Ready

30th January 2012

“Supper’s Ready- I still enjoy it and am attracted to it. I did consider playing with my current band but there was a lot of resistance about trying to learn it. It’s not easy!” Peter Gabriel

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Gabriel on Genesis

“Me I am just a lawnmower….Hmmmmm…I’d have to look at the lyrics again to remember what the hell that was all about! …and Carpet Crawlers?….”Let me see I think that one was about religion-it was probably a reference to Islamic prayer the fact that there was this supplication, this sense you had to crawl and… [Read More]

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New Year & New material

20th January 2012

We got our rehearsal schedule sorted for the next 3 months and have started to put the final bits and pieces in so we can get “Can Utility and The Coast Liners” in the set list. Also just finished our second original track called “The Legend of Parker Baul” or “The Death Of Morris!”…be at… [Read More]

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Carl Palmer Quote

18th January 2012

Given the bands interest and tribute to ELP with Fanfare for a common man, a recent interview with Carl Palmer asked how he came to take up the drums… “Originally I took up the violin…but found it made a better noise when I hit it….the rest is history!!”

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New Website

13th January 2012

Well I guess you may have noticed already but we have a new site!. Much like the old one but slicker, and more up to date.

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A great quote from Rick Wakeman

1st January 2012

A great quote from Rick Wakeman on discussing what it was like living on the road with a bunch of weird vegetarians when he was strictly a beer and curry man….he described Jon Anderson to perfection….. “He’s the only guy I know trying to save this planet whilst living on another one!!” – Simon Gardner

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